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9 Job Interview Tips: How to make a great impression

You have successfully applied for your dream job? Now you have to convince them in an interview.

You have successfully applied for your dream job? Now you have to convince them in an interview. Suddenly you feel very nervous because a job interview is always a challenge. What questions can you expect from the interviewer? Can you even prepare for the interview and what should you definitely do or avoid during an interview?

We have the right answers to all of these questions as well as eight helpful tips to make your interview a big success!



The right preparation is essential. Of course, every job interview is structured a little bit differently and the questions depend on the job you applied for, but even if a lot has to be very spontaneous, you can rely on some things that are the same with every interview. Prepare well for the situation.

Very important: Research important facts about the company. At international companies, the interview may possibly be held in English and it is important to find out beforehand in order to come up with the right vocabulary.

Keep in mind, that your new employer can also ask you questions about their company during the interview, so it is important to do your research before the interview in order to be able to give a good answer instead of stuttering and just replying empty words.



Practice makes perfect. You are currently preparing for your very first job interview? In this case, nervousness is very normal. Ask your friends or family members to conduct a practice interview with you. This helps you to get a feel for the new situation. It is best to approach the unfamiliar situation from the comfort of your home and get a first idea on how you can give professional answers.

The more you practice the question-and-answer game, the more confident you will be and ace the interview! What is very important, however, is that you do not learn any answers by heart, but only familiarize yourself with the situation and always address the particular HR manager and his/her specific questions during your interview. Try to avoid run-of-the-mill answers as well. Show who you are and what makes you unique!



What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How would your friends describe you? Challenging questions can quickly throw you off, but if you are prepared and perhaps already have some answer at hand, it is easier to act professionally even with complicated or surprising questions. Especially when you are asked about something like your weaknesses, it is really important to be honest. Everyone has weaknesses and you are not doing yourself a favor by pretending to have none. Be honest and make sure to emphasize that you are constantly working on these weaknesses. Here’s an example. I often take on too much work, but I am working on my time management.

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