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Tech1M is a talent matching platform sourcing global skilled talents for businesses to find, evaluate, hire, pay and manage globally. We’ll help you find the right talent based on your preferences with our powerful matching algorithm. It’s just so simple.

We analyse the core values of recruiting organisations, and match them with talents with such qualities and values. We also meet companies with standard business practices, norms, and values you prioritise in the workplace. 

 Bring Speed And Structure To Your Employee Onboarding Process
Go from offer letter, to background check and compliance verification, and full-onboarded as fast as possible. We provide solutions to your employee onboarding and compliance requirements.
Upskill Your Talents With Expert-led Programmes in Our Global Tech Schools
Upgrade your employees tech skills from across the globe with our expert-led bootcamps. We offer comprehensive theoretical and practical training on tech skills currently disrupting the industry.
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