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Adult Residential Support Worker

Full Time 11 months ago
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Employment Information

Purpose of your role


  Is to provide advice, assistance and support the re-integration of adults back into their respective communities. 


Act as an appropriate role model and work closely with them to enable them to address their difficulties and


achieve their optimum potential. 


To be a part of a team offering a comprehensive residential service to vulnerable adults by ensuring the


physical, social and emotional, needs of our service users are adhered to using a person-centred approach. 


To create and maintain good professional relationships with service users, their family and friends and other




To adhere to all regulatory and statutory obligations of Thanet Healthcare service policies, procedures and




Maintain a positive, personal, and professional profile, which ensures Thanet Healthcare excellent reputation.

Equal Opportunities


All vulnerable adults are equally entitled to have their needs met in a fair and balanced way. Team


Leaders are responsible for promoting equal opportunities for all and for challenging any behaviour or


practice which discriminates against any vulnerable adult or colleague on the grounds of race, religion,


disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other perceived difference.


  To maintain a high quality of care and support which meets the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and cultural


needs of vulnerable adults. Working from the guidelines from the Mental Health Act 1983 and Care Act 2014.


To provide a caring, supportive and nurturing environment in which vulnerable adults can feel secure and free


from harm.


Establishing positive relationships with vulnerable adults and always offering them unconditional and positive




Help vulnerable adults gain self-control by challenging unacceptable behaviour and rewarding acceptable, pro-


social conduct.


Ensuring that each vulnerable adult care plan is followed and amended as appropriate to reflect their changing



Specific Duties and Responsibilities


Act as a key worker or co-worker for vulnerable adults by ensuring that the service user's care plans are up to date


and that all their care needs are being met. To provide a positive role model to be able to offer advice, guidance and


assistance where appropriate.


Establishing relationships that vulnerable adults will perceive to be positive, supportive and rewarding.   Providing 


advice, assistance and support on a 1:1 basis to enable vulnerable adults to address past and present difficulties.


Providing emotional support at times of difficulty or stress.


Being ambitious for vulnerable adults, by helping them achieve their goals and optimise their potential.


Providing support for vulnerable adults in their education and the planning of extracurricular activities to


sustain psychosocial stability. 


Keeping accurate records and providing written reports on vulnerable adults for planning meetings, reviews or


any other meetings as directed by the registered manager.


Empower vulnerable adults to facilitate active involvement in the decision-making about their lives and future.


Acting as an advocate at meetings where the vulnerable adult is the subject of discussion.


To facilitate and maintain effective liaison with statutory and non-statutory agencies in the community, and


other appropriate agencies involved in service user care.


Ensure that changes to the unit environment including accidents, incidents and complaints are relayed to


senior     staff   and     reported     and   documented     according     to   company     policy,     for   example,     damages     or


maintenance issues.


·To ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times and that advice is sought before giving any information to


any person who has not confirmed their identity. This also applies to phone calls.


All actions must be reported in writing in the client's electronic or paper notes and any untoward incidents must


be discussed immediately with the registered manager.


  Being aware of the aims and objectives of the home and working collaboratively with colleagues to achieve




Attend staff meetings and making a positive contribution to them.


Actively contributing to the development of the team.


Receiving and store information to improve communication and mainteance service agreements.


Being willing to give and receive feedback on performance from colleagues and managers. Being aware


of all care plans for all service users and provide support for colleagues by maintaining consistency in


the execution of those plans.


Provide informal practical support to colleagues experiencing difficulties.


Attending and contributing to regular supervision sessions in line with the National Minimum Standards


  Being familiar with all policies and procedures and adhering to them

To work as part of a team


General Responsibilities


Receiving training appropriate to the role and maintaining an up-to-date training profile.


Responsibility     for   the     health,     safety   and     welfare     of   self     and     colleagues   in     accordance     with   the


requirements of the organisational Health and Safety Policies.


Special Conditions


  This post requires the holder to do varying shifts, which include early morning and late evening work, sleeping and an on-


call rota system. The post holder also is required to work weekends as part of a rota and Bank Holidays when required. 


Sleeping-in duties are also required.


  On occasions you may be requested to change your rota at a given notice as per your contract, to ensure the


contingencies of the service are covered. This may also include covering an additional sleep-in duty as an emergency




In     accordance   with     the     guidelines   on     Health     and   Safety,   to     accept   responsibility     for     working   within     these


guidelines and reporting any concerns to the Registered Manager.


To undertake other duties appropriate to the grade of the post and the needs of the Home such as decorating,


and gardening in order to develop and maintain service delivery.


This post requires the holder to have a clear Criminal Records Bureau check at all times Changes to personal


circumstances which may affect this must be notified to your line manager immediately.

Professional Development 


Attend and participate in supervision and staff meetings as required


Undertake     relevant   mandatory     training     in   Essential,     Core     and   Advanced     course     recommendations.


Commitment to CPD to undertake Level three Diploma in Health and Social Care or   if not already qualified.


Education and Training


Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2 or 3 or working toward the required.


Ongoing commitment to own professional and personal development.


For CQC Services-Understanding of CQC requirements and care standards for residential setting .


The above job description forms part of your main terms and conditions of employment, although does not include or


define all tasks. The Company reserves the right to vary duties and responsibilities at any time.


Person Specification




Providing high standards of care for people with learning disabilities and enduring mental health imparements.


Meeting the needs and support of service users with challenging behaviour Fostering


professional relationships with customers/stakeholders




Sound understanding of good care principles


Understanding of regulations and legislation within the care profession


Understanding how to safeguard vulnerable adults at risk by ensuring the people you support are safeguarded and


that any concerns, allegations, unexplained injuries, falls, allegations or any other issues constituting safeguarding are


reported immediately to the management team.


Skills and Ability 


Strives to reach the highest standards in customer service


Communicates effectively, both verbally and non-verbally


Team player


Naturally compassionate and patient with a caring disposition


Flexible and approachable with a positive attitude, even under pressure


Self-motivated and organised


Deals with emergencies and difficult situations


Records with accuracy and detail


Work on own initiative


Diligent and committed to providing the highest level of care












Great communication Patient Health and Safety Management
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