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Support Worker for Children’s Home

Full Time 11 months ago
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Key Responsibilities: 


1. Work closely with the Team Leader and Service Manager to ensure that the children’s home  


provides high-quality care and support that meets the needs of children and young people. 


2. Participate in the care and support planning for children living in the home, ensuring that their  


individual needs are identified and appropriately addressed. 


3. Provide basic care and support for children, including personal care, meal preparation, and  


support with household tasks. 


4. Support children and young people to develop their social and emotional wellbeing, and to  


develop independent living skills. 


5. Engage in creative activities and play with children to promote their physical, social and intellectual 




6. Implement routines, boundaries, and consequences appropriately and consistently, in line with the 


home’s policies and procedures. 


7. Monitor and evaluate progress and development of children living in the home, recording  


observations and providing feedback to the Team Leader or Service Manager. 


8. Work with other members of staff to ensure that the home is maintained to high standards of  


cleanliness, safety and comfort. 


9. Ensure that health and safety procedures are implemented throughout the home, in line with  


regulatory and legislative requirements. 


10. Engage in professional development opportunities as appropriate, attending staff training and  


development sessions to improve personal and professional knowledge and development. 


Qualifications and Skills: 


The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications, knowledge, and skills: 


1. A Level 3 qualification in health, childcare or social care, or equivalent experience. 


2. Previous experience of working with children and young people in a residential setting. 


3. Knowledge of the challenges faced by children and young people in care, and the ability to develop 


positive relationships with children and young people. 


4. Ability to work as part of a team, and to contribute to discussions regarding the development of  


children and young people. 


5. Good communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with families and other  




6. Commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and  


understanding of the legislation, guidance and good practice that support the delivery of high-quality 


care in children’s homes. 


7. Ability to maintain accurate and timely records, and to operate standard IT applications. 


8. Ability to work flexibly, and to work shifts within a rota system as required. 




This job description is intended to be an overview of the tasks involved in the position and is not  


exhaustive. The Support Worker for Children’s Home will be expected to undertake other duties  


which contribute to the efficient running of the home as required by the Team Leader or Service  




Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent 


Part-time hours: 37.5 per week 


Salary: From £11.50 per hour 






Wellness programme 


Day range: 



  • Every weekend 



  • Monday to Friday 


Physical setting: 




  • Residential home 






  • 12 hour shift 




  • Day shift 




  • Night shift 


Great Leadership Great communication Reliability Great Teamwork Patient Risk Assessment Health and Safety Management
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